Winter Holidays 2019: Roma, Napoli & Amalfi

I am going t to write just the highlights of my trip… have you ever seen that airb&b comercial where they tell you not to be a tourist but to live in the city? Well, this time I decided to do that. Since the very first time I traveled solo, I have never felt or did it like a tourist but I do have felt a traveler but feeling part of the city is different… that just happens when you make new friends (and yes, it hurts more when you leave, because you left a part of you behind), you play table games you have not played in a while, you have lovely conversations (practicing  your non mother tongue languages) and you cook and celebrate new years eve with lovely people once where strangers…
As a traveler, my highlights were:
Arrival (Rome): well, I arrived at 6 pm, had dinner in Trastevere, then I went to Castel Sant´ Angelo, Fontana di Trevi & Vaticano. The highlights of this day was basically food (shame on me I did not take any pictures, I guess I have not traveled in a while and completely forgot this day to take out my camera as I usually do). I had a lovely carbonara with sweet sweet wine (I am 99% sure it was ASTI), then had a walk and went to Fontana di Trevi (enjoying the view drinking a hot chocolate, that if I described the texture I will definitely fail but it has been one of the most delicious chocolates I have had). There, I obviously made my 3 wishes (my airb&b host told me that one was with love, the other with career or path and the last one to return to Rome).  Finally went back.

Fontana di Trevi, Pantheon, Vaticano & Castel Sant´Angelo

Napoli: it was the most beautiful part of my trip. I made new and unexpected friends who made my trip more adorable and memorable… From Napoli the first thing that comes to my mind is pizza & sfogliatelle. Sfogliatelle was my sweet welcoming to Napoli, and how sweet! I had dinner in a famous pizza place: Sorbillo,  where usually you have to wait up to 2 or 3 hours, we waited 15 minutes (I have contacts because one of my friends apparently is a Gangster, jajaja, obviously I am joking).  The sunset in Castel dell’Ovo was breath-taking… more when you see it having a deep conversation about life… I got lost into its streets. We tried to visit Napoli Sotterranea but there was also a long waiting time, but this time no Gangster help so I did not visit it. We also made (well I can not give credit to me, because I just took pictures and notes) 2 homemade dinners (you can see them in the collage below) with delicious red and rosé wine and lovely laughs and conversations. I swear, that bolognese has been the most delicious bolognese I have ever ever ever had!!!

Top left: Napoli streets. The picture in which I am smiling was taken from a lovely sunset at Castel dell´ Ovo, That tiny piece of bread is actually Sfogliatelle (crunchy, sweet but at the same time soft… it is a must to try!). The night view was from Posillipo. Those were the two home-made dishes I took notes from: bolognese and pasta panna e prosciutto. And, last but not least, Sorbillo where I had an amazing pizza (obviously Margherita).

Amalfi: We went to its church, I had gelatto (I am a weirdo having gelatto when the weather is below 10 centigrades, but I could not miss that chance), we got lost through the streets, I had the most delicious fountain water of the trip and another amazing sunset view… this makes me want to live near the beach or loch at some point in my life. Definitely coming back during summer and I will stay for two days and get some sun tan.

St. Andrews, my beautiful Sunset & Gelatto half & half (the white half was named Amalfi and honestly I can not remember what it was made of but it was delicious, you an count on that) and obviously the other half was chocolate.

New Years Day (to Rome): We tried Rome, but we could not find a place to park so in the end I celebrated in the hotel. I am sharing with you my last sunset of 2019 in Ostia, Rome, where I had lasagna and crostata (sorry I did not took a picture of this but it was so delicious and the view was so mesmerizing that I forgot).

my last sunset of 2018 in Ostia, Rome, Italy

If you want me to share with you the recipe of bolognese or pasta panna e prosciutto, do let me know, I will love to share it with you!!! ❤
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2019 book list

This will be an entirely short (133 words) post, with my to do read list for 2019 . They are topic suggestions. I did not write book names or authors, because I want it to be filled with yours. Feel free to comment author or book names bellow (inspired on my list or not, it does not matter). A little personal note: the feminist writer I am thinking of reading is Virgina Wolf, my favourite author is (are, because I sincerely can not pick just one, that will be unfair with the other) Jane Austen, followed by Cecelia Ahern and J.K. Rowling. Yes, all woman… sorry not sorry…


And last, but not least… If you read my book, I will be thrilled! Its name is HASTA QUE AMANEZCA (UNTIL DAWN), though you should know it is in spanish…

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New Year in Italy: my carry-on

This post will be short, just for you to use as a guide, in case you decide to go on winter holidays to Italy… Last time I went to Italy was actually to spend Christmas there (you can check my experience here: Christmas in Bari, Italy ) so I am very excited that this time I will spend New Years Eve…

When I am back I will (of course) let you know if I totally needed more or if I definitely should have filled my carry-on with less…

The picture I made and I am sharing is entirely illustrative, not all of the stuff in there is mine but I tried to find similar items online so that you can have a better idea of the outfits…


What and why? (the top 10 you can not miss)

1. Blouses: keep it simple but pretty. I chose a simple palette: pastel pink, black, white and blue marine.

  • comfy tshirt or blouse for the airport (I am bringing with me two)
  •   I can not miss a polkadotted (the one in the picture is actually from Balmain, mine is not… but it is similar) because I adore it

2. Sweaters: cozy cozy cozy (I am taking 3 with me)

3. Leggings: also 3 (so yes, it seems like a rule): two black and one denim. In this section I would like to say that you can also add stockings, in case you decide taking a short romper or a dress with you…

4. Scarfs: I will usually take only the missoni one (I have a lot of attachement to this one and it is so cozy!!! love it, love it!!! One of my first posts was about it… you can check it here: history behind my favourite scarf: missoni) but this time I will also take a pink one.

5. Shoes: this is also three:

  • one which is extremely comfortable (keds are a must have!!!  Primark or walmart shoes can do too!)
  •  a pair that is comfortable and stylish. For this, I chose my Vanessa Kurt Geiger boots, which are cozy (which is important during winter holidays), comfy and still stylish.
  • a pair of heels. For me they also have to be comfortable, so I chose wedges-sneakers.

6. Backpack: my kipling back pack… I bought it in 2014, before I went to study abroad and it has been with me in AAAALLLL MY TRIPS, can not be left behind.

7. A Big enough Bag: I chose my longchamp leather burungdy bag… christmas gift by grandma… it has been with me ever since Christmas 2013 and it is an enchanting travel partner!!! I suggest a dark color because it looks clean even if it is not anymore…

8. Your camera and I will suggest you to take as many pictures as possible

9. Beauty: rayban, guerlain mascara and benetint… I like to keep it natural but I will definitely stand out with a red chanel lipstick for new year!

10. Others: Do not forget your socks (I suggest 9, 2 extra…), intimates and pjs (I will take two with me).


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Bath for Soul & Beyond… before new year

Good morning readers!!! First of all, sorry I did not post last week, but I could it is the busiest time of the year… Anyway,  I love to write because it feeds my soul, so I hope that (If you are reading this) it feeds yours and give you some sense of hope.

So, 2017 was the worst year of my life (for those who have read me before, know about this), 2018 was for me to reborn from my ashes but could not do it properly until I decided to cut my hair (I am not joking… it was the first step before cuting with everything that was hurting me). It is symbolic but it can actually have a lot of meaning to some girls (like me). I am not going to presume that I am a phoenix now, but that is exactly how I feel!!!

When you feel sad about any aspect of your life (sometimes we do not even know the reason, we just do not feel complete or have the feeling that something is missing) do the following list. The list is not entirely mine, I actually find it by chance on Pinterest (I lost the link, so if someone knows or has it, do not hesitate to give credit to that page too).

1. Week ZERO: Meditate. Try to clean your mind, and when you have a thought that is coming and going and removing your peace… well now you know what is the aspect of your life you are not happy about… or you will have at least a clue.

2. Week ONE: wake up earlier, do excersise, carry on meditating (if you run or you swim, perfect! you can meditate while doing it if you do not like meditating the traditional way), feed yourself with healthy food (I would not tell you to go vegetarian or to stop eating red meet, but try to feed your body properly, what ever that is proper for you, whatever makes you feel good about yourself) and walk (for at least 15 minutes every day).

Note: while carry on with the weeks, do not stop doing week one, I promise it is worthy.

3. Week TWO: clean your space, your affairs and duties. Give away what you no longer need or use, throw what is litterally garbage (even unhealthy thoughts). When I say “clean your affairs” I mean… talk with your dad if you have issues with him… or with your mother… or with that friend you cut off because something he or she said was not nice for you…Just, whatever that is bothering your heart, speak up! If you do not want to speak to that person, just write him or her a letter and burn it. Such a relief either one you chose! Last but not least, your duties… do not leave for tomorrow what can be done today (or this week).

4. Week THREE: write and make plans. Write a list of “the impossible” (my wish for you is to rephrase it when you finish and write on top “I AM POSSIBLE” or “THIS IS POSSIBLE”). After that, make a wish list and, right next to each wish write why you want it. Finally, make new plans…. there should be at least one thing the “impossible” or from the “wish” list that could actually be done. Work on that one, make it a plan for next week or next year and make it happen.

What worked on me or what I loved the most about this week was to paint… I did two drawings of two things that I want to happen the most… I did it listening to music I love and feeling that it was actually possible, so every time I stare at them I have a feeling of hope, that I think is one of the most valuable feelings a human can have.

I have done this before… I will share with you a drawing I did on September 2017 and what happened on March 2018 (it is unbelievable and surreal but it happened)…

Captura de pantalla 2018-12-14 a las 8.01.42 a.m.

it is more crazy that my baby actually fell asleep and my mother took that picture (yes I told her to take the picture, but I did not ask my son to fell asleep…) that was serendipity

5. Week FOUR: get out of your comfort zone and routine. To be honest, I did not know to do with this one… I do have a routine, because I work and run my  business at the same time so this one was very very hard. My way of getting out from my routine was to paint, I did a drawing for my dinning room, and to give myself more time to read (I chose: THE WOMAN I WANTED TO BE). I was not happy with that but then, some invitation found me…

6. Week FIVE: Spiritual Retreat… yes, it was catholic… no, we did not pray all day… yes, I found peace… no, I did not became a nun… I can not describe the Retreat because it is something you have to live. But that was the “out of your comfort zone” that end up closing this Bath for soul and body.

It does not have to be in October (as I started it, right after my baby´s birthday) but I think it is nice to do it to be “clean” and “closing circles” before the start of the most beautiful season of the year. You will be more “light” and open to recieve new and wonderful things. But for that, you have to let go first…

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My 2018 book list

Every year I plan to read at least 13 books (my favourite and lucky number), but this year I just could not make it… (sad face). Anyway, I am sharing with you my list (not in the order I read it but from my perspective from which is the best and the not so great)…


Picture borrowed from “we ❤ it” {logophile ∆}
but I edited it with my book list!


  1. Como agua para chocolate (Like water for chocolate) – Laura Esquivel: every year y like to read again a book (every time you read a book will be different, it will have a different meaning or, somehow, remind you who you were and you are and will always be). I love this book because I also like to explain things with food (especially love matters) and it reminds me of my far away (India) best friend, Shivi, who once gave me a love lesson using my methods (food) with spaghetti. 5 stars book!
  2.  Salvemos al amor (Save love) – Yohanna García: this was actually a Christmas present from my dear Russian friend Elizaveta. I think she truly knew why and what she was giving to me. This book was lovely, with loads of nice thoughts and good vibes to let go so that you can open your hands for something new. 4 stars book! I think it could have had more of a story (it started with a story and finished with it, but there could have been so much more).
  3. Cómo transformar tu vida (How to transform your life) – Gueshe Kelsang Gyatso: now you are going to know that I am blessed with loads of friends from different backgrounds and life styles… this book was sent to me (via whatsapp, with a link) by another best friend (Juan José) who is now a buddhist monk. Even when I did not understand all the chapters because they were really confusing for me, this book gave me another perspective of life. I am not buddhist, I am catholic, but if you see it from the “love one an other as you love yourself ” perspective, this book will fit you and make sense. 3.8 stars.
  4. The woman I wanted to be – Diane Von Furstenberg: I have not finish it but this book empowers you (not just business talking, but also in love, life and soul). I would have never imagined this bio in such a “big” person. I am not going to give stars to this book because I have not finish it, who knows? maybe when I finish I will regret that it is fourth on my 2018 list.
  5. Girl Boss – Sophia Amoruso: This book was borrowed from a friend, Diana.  Entirely empowering book! You should read it and (after that) you are aloud to watch it in Netflix. Diana hated it but I enjoyed the series. We both love the book so, two votes in favour + 1 (because she was expecting a baby and now she is born, a lovely Sofia) so will give it 3 stars.
  6.  Los secretos de la mente Millonaria (The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind ) – T. Harv Eker: I actually did not read it, it was an audio book sent (also in a whatsapp business conversation) by Ale (my first business collab friend). I will give this book 2.9 stars and I recomend it if you really want to be rich or even if you do not because it talks about how our words become actions and later it becomes our life. Read it or listen to it with an open mind. If you are not a believer in the following phrase, do not read it:

    “Watch your thoughts for they become words. Watch your words for they become actions. Watch your actions for they become…habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character. And watch your character, for it becomes your destiny! What we think we become.” – Margaret Thatcher

  7. Cuaderno de trabajo pide y se te dará  (Ask and it is giving handbook)- Esther y Jerry Hicks: When I finished listening to “Los secretos de la mente millonaria”, this one pop up so I listened to it as well. I actually put some into practice. It reminded me of the book “The secret” and I think that book is great (5 stars) so maybe that is the reason this one is at the bottom of my list, but it is a good book if you want to put in practice all the notes. I only did three and enjoyed while doing them. 2 stars.

Have you read any of those? What are your thoughts? Any recomendations for my 2019 list? Though I already have 3 unread books on my desk…



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Oops I did it again (month 4)

This is a tiny (less than 200 words) post on how my pixie hair is growing this time, and yes it is faster than last time…  Yes I cut it on the best moon stage and all those things I do believe in… It makes sense, even farmers have a moon calendar to seed and growth, we are not entirely plants but we coexist with them in the same planet so, yes I think it works. I always check on two calendars: MORROCAN METHOD calendar and my very own with an app called GOOD DAY, which works with your birthday.

This time I used it to beautify and strengthen my hair, and it did work. To add more beauty to my hair, I am using coconut oil from COCOMIO MX and lavender shampoo from SOMOS TIERRA (which is naked shampoo). I am also eating OMEGA 3, which worked on me last time I cut it.


And this is how I look in month 4. I am hoping for a short bob for Holy Night, do you think I am going to make it?


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Writer´s Block? Blame your muse!

This one will be a short post, to stop you from feeling guilt or as if you were failing, when you are not inspired…

Yesterday I watched two inspiring speeches from two inspiring writers: Elizabeth Gilbert (her speech about creativity for TED) and JK Rowling (the speech she gave to Harvard students) and . For those who do not know this two creative writers (which I won´t believe, because it would be like asking “who is Jane Austen?”), they wrote Harry Potter and Eat Pray and love.

The first one´s speech was about the creative process… saying it does not work rationally… and that you are not failing when you have writer´s block or when your book or script is not being accepted by this or that… that does not mean you are not a real writer and you should not blame you. Blame your muse instead, blame the genius behind you, or your fairy (however you want to call it) but do not (never, ever) believe that it is you. Inspiration does come from somewhere else… it is not rational… there is not a step by step process or formula to get it… you can work on it, yes! but sometimes it just comes and you just have to let magic happen… On her own words:

“Creativity is a crushing chore and a glorious mystery. The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.”

The second one, gave a whole speech about failure and how it is important to reach success. Because if you don´t even try, you are failing by default. Which is true… we care too much about what people think or what is happening in other´s lives that is not happening to us. We care about how others are doing great with their business, love life,  writing or whatever they succeed and we do not. Stop doing that! We have different timings, different talents and different lifes. How boring life would be if we all follow the same path or have the same results. Do you think every sunflower is beautiful? Yes, right? Well, trust me, that sunflower did not care how the sunflower next was growing… that sunflower just bloomed… with her own light and her own timing. Now, on Rowling´s own words:

“Some failure in life is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well  not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default”

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