“El vegetariano”

Quite literally translated to The vegetarian”.  Today I have to write about a whole new experience for me… couple of weeks ago I went to a vegetarian restaurant (for the second time). In case you ask or wonder… yes, I have tried and fail 3 times to be vegetarian. The sad part is that I don´t miss meat, I only miss chicken and I think I will never be able to let go eggs.

Nevertheless, this time I went there to make some company to a friend of mine who was visiting Mexico and I was his tourist guide for a week. I have heard about this restaurant before, but I never visited and I would have never imagined that it would lead me to try and be vegetarian or (at least) eat more “greens” and colourful fruits again. Maybe be vegetarian five or six times a week… I still do not know.  Just, at the present time I am reading a book that is making me question my habits and my child habits…

I know I rarely write about food, but this time it felt necessary to write about it. Please don´t judge my pictures. Nobody would believe I am a community manager if they see this. They are that bad because they were quickly taken with my phone. I feel weird clicking pictures of food in restaurants. I feel weird around people that do that, so they might be blurry and awful. Again, do not judge…

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I did not took any pictures of the water, but the flavour was apple and it was delicious!!!

I also have to add that I could eat bread without being worried that I was going to feel bloated, because their bread is vegan.

Now, price… you won´t even believe it… $80.00 mexican pesos per person, which is around £3.50 pounds. Unbelievable… I used to pay that for my coffee when I lived in UK.

So, if you live in Mexico City and you are vegetarian or vegan, this is a must place to visit! Highly redommendable!

P.S. The address of this magical vegetarian place is: Av Instituto Politécnico Nacional 1848, Lindavista, Gustavo A. Madero, 07300 Ciudad de México, CDMX

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Minimalist January (part 2)

Past Wednesday, I posted the first 15 “30 days of minimalism”, now it is the last 15 with my thoughts and day – to – day notes:

Day 16: Clean your phone. Again, letting go, how beautiful it is!

Day 17: Focus one task at the time. That is slightly impossible for me due to my multitasking personality (except when I am writing)

Day 18: Go out and pay attention to every single detail on your day. I always do. Which reminds me of a lovely phrase (that I won´t translate because it will lose it´s magic) at the end of the movie “Pan´s labyrinth”:

“…y dejó detrás de sí, pequeñas huellas de su paso por el mundo, visibles solo para quien sepa donde mirar…” El Laberinto del Fauno

Day 19: No TV, read a book. I lived 2 years of my life without television … when I moved to my current house, I was little more than half a year without television … it was not something new for me and obviously it was easy to do … you should try it for a month!

Day 20: write for 20 minutes

Day 21: Create a night routine. DAY 21: CREATE A NIGHT ROUTINE: the day I had to create a morning routine, I did the night, I went without wanting …

Day 22: No makeup. How beautiful!!! jajaja my day -to – day minus lipstick and mascara…

Day 23: Without buying unnecessary things. I failed and you have no idea how angry I was with myself… I went to “la Roma” in Mexico and pass by a vintage clothing and accessories store… a nineties vest was waiting for me! I bought it! When I got home and I saw in my agenda “DAY 23: WITHOUT BUYING UNNECESSARY THINGS” and I got very angry with myself….  even when it’s not “fast fashion” and it is vintage “one of a kind”, but well, it was to late to do something about it, so I let my anger go…

Day 24: Be grateful. That also remained as a “habit” or part of my morning routine (before meditating) and I think it is one of the most beautiful things we can do. For some strange reason, thanks makes you realize how much you have, how much abundance there is in your life and I promise you that you attract more and more things / situations / people for which you can thank!

Day 25: Identify what stresses you. Close minded people and Yussef´s tantrums… Wish I could have more patience with those two.

Day 27: Check goals, eliminate one. This  did not seem minimalist to me, only mediocre, so I did not do it because it did not feel right. It does not go with my personality or purposes for this year. I feel that growth cannot be based on eliminating goals, you have to think big and actually owning more and more goals! And that doesn’t make you less minimalist …

Day 28: Disable notifications. I don’t know how to do it, so I was only in airplane mode almost all day.

Day 29: Do not make plans. This one seems interesting to me and in fact it is one of the things I love to do when traveling. However, when you have a baby, a routine, a brand, a book to finish writing and a freelance job as a community manager, it is impossible to stop planning or reviewing your agenda!

Day 30: BELIEVE. It is something I do every day of my life (or at least 80% of them)

And with this my 30 DAYS OF MINIMALISM come to an end. I honestly think it could have been better, but that does not mean I dislike it … maybe it just needs a few more things to do. I might work on a minimalism list of my own for the month of March. Why until March? Because this February I am completing one of “self love”.

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Minimalist January (Part 1)

In Pinterest you could find better ideas than just for outfits or home decor… I think it depends on the accounts you follow and the profile you do of yourself (according to your search) and lately my Pinterest is filled with clothing, phrases and personal growth articles. Around mid december I found a list  of “30 days of minimalism” which I truly think would have been better to do during December. Why? Well, I think that december is when most of us have a closure to receive new year. But well, I find it mid december and I started at the end of december to do it… Now I am sharing with you my 30 day – to – day with few personal notes.

mediados de diciembre me encontré con una lista de 30 días de minimalismo la cuál hubiera sido mejor aplicar durante diciembre (que es cuando pienso la mayoría de nosotros hace su cierre de ciclos) que para iniciar el año. Pero así se dieron las cosas y quería compartirles día a día mi lista con algunas notas personales:

DAY 1: Meditate. Oh my god! how much I loved that… last year I promised to meditate daily and I left it behind until I stopped. But this year it arrived to stay as part of my routine. I have to admit that I suck at meditating… meditating for me is actually thinking more instead of empty my mind but what has been working for me is that I let all those thoughts appear and then I think of the sea and let them go with the water coming and going, does it make sense? Also there are days in which it is too cold and I am not feeling like sitting on the cold floor to do it, so I do it in bed. Is that cheating? Hope not, intention counts, does it not?

DAY 2: Offline all day. It was hard, but I promise it is a good thing to do… Hope I could do it all weekends to be more present with my family and son.

DAY 3: Order your computer, erase all that no longer works for you. This is one of the reasons I truly think this is perfect for closing circles… this is something I actually do every single December, so I have already done it by the time DAY 3 task appeared.

DAY 4: Do not complain

DAY 5: Identify your 5 priorities. I would keep them to myself but most of them have to do with my son and professional growth.

DAY 6: Create a new morning routine. There are days that I still “postpone” my alarm… it bothers me so much, but it is something that I still do because I am extremely tired (blame my professional growth that will not arrive on its one, I have to work hard and at the end of the day I sleep at 1 or 2 am and just can´t wake up at 6)

DAY 7: Unfollow. That is always such a healthy thing to do…

DAY 8: Enjoy solitude. That is not new, I enjoy my own company most of the time, for not saying always because it might sound a bit selfish or something jajaja

DAY 9: Reduce beauty products. I did it but it was extremely hard because I actually do not own loads. I just had around 30 beauty products. 20 were lipsticks, 5 eye shadows, 3 blush, 3 eyeliners,  and 1 mascara… I kept 15, half of them.

DAY 10: No social media all day. This time, I enjoyed it! But, to be honest, it was not all day.

DAY 11: evaluate your compromises.  This “task” was not understood by me… I think I actually do not own any compromise. My only compromise is with me and my son. I have never done something because I “have to”, I always do things that I truly want to do and PERIOD.

DAY 12: define goals for this year. For this I did a collage or vision board and save it to open it by December (hoping everything is accomplished and I can paste real pictures to replace the collage)

Day 13: Clean your closet. I have already done that too.

Day 14: Decide to learn a new skill. I chose to learn how to cook, and I still learning… twice a week my grandma and mother will come to my home and I will cook for them.

Day 15: Check your habits.  I didn’t understand what he meant either, but just the book I started reading this year is called “HABITOS” so I think I’ll learn and answer this.

That´s it, for now, otherwise it would have been a really long post… “stay tuned” next Wednesday for the rest of the list. And please share once you´ve done this first 15, I would love to read how it worked (or did not) for you…

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Christmas in San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is the most magical place (for me) in México. TBH – this is sad to say – I have been to very few places in Mexico, and just the regulars: Cancún, Puerto Escondido, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Tepoztlán and Puebla =( I know more Europe than my beautiful México. So, even when my next holiday is programed elsewhere, my promise to my “amada dulce patria” is to get to know her better!

What can I say about San Miguel de Allende in Christmas? way more magical! Lights everywhere, the air itself is magical… cold (but not windy) with a tasteful sun touching your skin while you walk in those stoned streets.

I will share some pictures with you and some recommendations:


Here a picture of my favourite ice-cream flavour on earth! It´s name is “beso de angel” which means “angel´s kiss” and it reflects exactly how you feel when you taste it. Definitely my highest recommendation (even during winter… ICE CREAM IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA!)


Now, a picture of my favourite alley! … that place  over there (PUEBLO VIEJO) is a restaurant with a nice view and lovely food… I only had insalata caprese and, even when it is so “easy-made” it was extraordinary tasteful in company with an iced-peach tea ❤ 


From the top of the ROSEWOOD Hotel (please visit it´s terrace at night with a delicious hot chocolate accompanied with churros, sooooo worthy!)


Another cute picture of San Miguel at night with a drawing I made of my Son, Sole (our adopted cat) and I


If you like antiques… San Miguel has many antique shops and this lovely “BOTICA”, sorry I was not able to write down the name of the street but it is in the center, you´ll find it!


Not a big fan of my brother´s choices of restaurants but this was a win! The name is HANKS… I picked a duck with orange sauce, served with cous-cous… If I close my eyes, I still feeling the taste on my mouth, please go and try it yourself!


And last but not least, mom and I… I am a fan of dark beer but this one was not my heat, it was too bitter for me, but if you love bitter then you should try it… it is the local beer: HECHICERA 

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2019 Book List. The books I read.

​I can not believe another year is about to finish… one of my purposes for next year is writing more than reading… I really miss writing… so I alredy set my writing space right in front of my favourite window (where I am writing to you at this very moment) and it feels so good… lake of Como view missing, but hey! It is just the beginning… or at least it feels like that… this year and the past three years happened loads of bad things to me which I hate calling bad things  instead they should be called life lessons. And I would like to tank those life lessons because they helped me to rediscover myself, to be more honest with myself about who I am, what makes my soul happy and what I truly want from life. So I am having such a great feeling about 2020 that I feel like it is going to be not only my year but my decade!

After that brief introduction to what this short article would be about, let me get to the point… So, this is the books I read this year were:

 First of, sorry for that upsided down Austen book… also, two books missing in the picture, because I give as an upcycled Christmas Gift: Becoming by Michelle Obama and El ultimo mundo by  Laura Emilia Pacheco. 

My favourite book, my five stars was definitely El ultimo mundo which I thought I was going to leave unfinished but I ended up wanting more from it, it was in so many ways unexpected… my second favourite was definitely F**k it! … and my third one was The woman I wanted to be… those would be my recommendations for your 2020, if you have not read them yet.

As you could see, my goal was to read 13 books this year but ended up reading just 9 and writing almost zero, so my goal for 2020 is to read 8 books, which  still think is a good number… and write a lot more! I want to finish the third part of my novel! A lot of ambitions for new year, as you can see…

And well, here is my list of books to read for 2020:

1. a gift (I think I am going to read a book about food, that grandma gave to me… maybe it is time to upgrade the way I cook…)

2. romance (maybe Eternos by Kirsten Miller)

3. left unfinished (Mistress Shakespeare by Karen Harper)

4. Personal Growth (I have no idea)

5. You fell in love with the cover (well, I will know when I go to the library and it is love at first sight)

6. Based on a true story (no idea either)

7. Poetry (for me, Shakespeare is poetry, so maybe another one that is not Romeo and Juliet… and I will read it in english… I am excited and I have not started… I think that is good…)

8. Chosen blindly by someone (my plan for this one is to go to the library, and make my son chose… he does not know how to read so I will trust his taste on the cover)

What do you think? Please, if you have some recommendations do let me know or write below.

And have a lovely and productive 2020!!!

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Oops I did it again (pixie haircut) year 1 1/2

Just a short update of this second time adventure wirh my hair… honestly I dislike this length… I like it either super short (pixie or bob) or super long (mermaid waves) so I felt like getting creative with my hair would stop me from cutting it… and this happened:

Mermaid hair… just the colour but still that makes me extremely happy!!! Hope by july next year (that I will be 30!!!) it can reach Ariel’s length!

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2019 Book List: F**k it December!

No, it is not what you think…This is the “easiest” book I read this year… I am still missing, from my list, to read a gift (I started to read it but it did not caught me, so I still do not know if I should carry on reading it or just donate it), I also missed romance (october) maybe because I was busy trying to find it for myself in real life jaja can anybody find me somebody to love? I also missed to read one I´ve left unfinished, so I guess it will still be unfinished until next year (november) but two weeks ago I saw this book on my mom´s kitchen… it was not opened yet and it caught my attention… i asked her if it was going to be a Christmas gift and she told me that it was a belated birthday gift given to her. I begged her to give it to me, she lend it. I read it in one week.


Tbh I was hoping this book to change me and really help me to grow, but it was just reassurance of things I already do, so I guess I am in the right path. I will try to be as brief as possible because I truly want you to read it (promise it is a good reading, you will feel related, you will feel more free and you will laugh at parts)…

*Muscular Test: this is a test that someone did to me about three months ago when I was about to enter to the depression path… with this test I find out that when you focus on the right or bright things in life, you are strong. Have you ever seen Harry Potter? Do you know what DEMENTORS are? If you do, I will explain it better with this… depression is a DEMENTOR´S kiss, it will bring out the worse in you and worse thing will keep happening if you don´t practice your EXPECTO PATRONUM and, even when down, focus on the happy things or happy moments you have lived. Remember that being sad is a good thing, being sick is a good thing… why? well because that help us appreciate more life, good moments, good people and our laugh when it happens. So, just fuck it! fuck feeling down! It´s okay to feel like that (as long as you do not become attach to it).

After that, he mentions another “healer” author that I’ve always felt I should read … Louise Hay  in his book “you can heal your life”. And this tip is to tell you 100 times a day “I love and approve myself.” Obviously there will be resistance in the beginning … nor will you believe the words you say, but little by little the light of those words will be extended until the darkest corners of your soul and head are illuminated, until they spread to the external world and can illuminate the world. So you know, if you’re not Harry Potter or Hermione Granger … you just have to repeat the muggle term “I love and approve myself” instead of our well-known “expect patronum” …

*Level 1 of “f**k it”: feeling in peace. Whenever someone says “feeling in peace” I picture myself in lake Como, waking up, writing or having  a meditation session with a lovely view or a lavender room… Maybe you imagine or picture something different, and that´s okay. But, from my point of view and what I understand from the book, “feeling in peace” is feeling good or feeling okay with what you already have. It´s never too late, don’t try to go so fast or grow so fast… don´t listen to those who say “grow up” or “you are running out of time”. Keep playing, keep dreaming, keep dancing and be okay with TODAY. One day at the time. But still, don´t be lazy! (this last part is my advice to you… have dreams but turn them to plans) but don´t listen to me, fuck it! just be okay with your own timing and even with your own “lazyness”. 

Another advice (that you can also say “f**k it!” to it and feel okay with not doing it) is to not put your peace in hands of others, even the closest and the ones you love the most. That´s not practical because you truly not know when you can rely on them, you shouldn´t, period.

Do not set a “I will feel at peace when…” and after that a never-ending list… finish my career, finish my master, landing my dream job, buy my vespa, buy my car, marry the person of my dreams, have lovely children, etc. Because in the end, that “peace” you will reach (that, to me, is more satisfaction) will only endure for few seconds, hours or weeks… after that it´ll be gone, because you´ll be used to those things, persons or life… Do not set your pace in that wish list…

“The issue is that those who are after the award or recognition do not feel at peace, until they achieve it. In fact, many consider that << not feeling at peace >> is something positive, because behind it there are more motivations: << encouragement >>, << determination >>, << ambition >>, but it is the same . We have convinced ourselves that a certain amount of concern is essential for common progress.”

A thermostat to know if we are or not in “peace” are animals. An example (with which I can feel identified with, now that I have adopted one) are cats … when we are relaxed is when they approach … and being with them, we relax even more … same thing happens with peace … once We feel it, if we become aware of it, we can reach it again more easily and feel more and more at peace with our lives or moments.

“As soon as you can do it in practice, enjoy feeling superior to stressed people who are not in search of peace. It is something that will happen sooner rather than later, that is, better do it now. But really enjoy it. It’s like seeing other fat people when you are on a diet. They may not weigh more than you, but unlike you, they are not on the path lit to thinness. Savages.”

* Level 2: I can feel at peace now …

The first step of this level is to be grateful for everything you have or that surround you this very moment. It’s that simple.

The second step is to sit and have tea (without doing anything, just you watching people go by, thinking or thinking) … it is a more pleasant way to “meditate” until you are at peace and enjoy yourself and your thoughts.

“What happens to you? How do you feel relaxation and peace for you? What happens inside your body and mind? As you begin to observe this, make a mental note (in a relaxed way) for later. Because what you experience when you feel at peace can be used later to make you feel more at peace when you are not. That is the fundamental trick of relaxation exercises: use the <<effects>> of relaxation to generate it whenever you want and / or need to relax. ”

* Level 3: f**k it!, feel at peace with life exactly as it is …

An essential element of the power of “f**k it” is to say it. When we say something that really interests us or worries us but causes us pain, it really doesn’t matter or shouldn’t matter so much. By saying “f**k it” we get rid of what hurts us, we reduce our interest in it in a conscious and literal way … we let it go (yes, like the frozen song!)

Another important thing that we must understand at this time that everyone talks about positivism is that sometimes we should allow ourselves an hour, a day or several days of negativity and say “fuck it” I am negative, and I’m fine with it today! Let’s be genuine and congruent!

Mention is made of something that seems very interesting to me from the book “Loving what is” by Byron Katie … to be at peace one of the best things we can do is divide life into “my affairs”, “your affairs” and “The affairs of God.” So we take care of our own affairs, we solve what we want and we can solve and the rest, well… “fuck it!” This was already told to me by a friend in high school… but I had never seen it with a clearer perspective divided into three… she once asked me “what is it that bothers you baby?” obviously it was something of a boy and she asked me “and can you do something about it” my obvious answer was “nop” so she said “then let it go” …(yes, so very FROZEN). Another thing I´ve been told is “leave it to God” or “put it in god´s hands” and my God, they are right … so the rule of three and to be at peace with their lives as they are!

“If you could love yourself the way you love your children (if you have one), you would feel more at peace with yourself instantly. If you could love life, and everything that happens in front of your window towards reality, you will instantly feel more at peace with life. ”

And finally it leaves us with 2 phrases that reach my heart, for which I want to repeat here:
“Everything will be fine and everything will be fine, and all kinds of things will be fine” – Juliana de Norwich

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure, without losing enthusiasm”

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