Oops I did it again (year 1)

The first time I cut my hair I did not regret it, that feeling remained for this second time. I love pixie cut! Well, that on the bright side. But, on the “dark side”, when my hair is in the length I have at the present time (which is not a long Bob, not a short bob, just boring shoulder length) I wish I could just go to sleep and wake up with long mermaid hair again…

I honestly don’t like this stage! So, apart from advising you to have some patience, I would like to tell you that if you want to grow it out and feel bored, work on a bit of change, like adding some colour or cuting some bangs…


My French bangs (or at least that is how I think they are called) made me entirely happy…Enter a caption

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Motherly May

Past may, the suggestion for my 2019 books to read for an awesome year was a motherhood book. It was quite cute how my grandma gave me a book about cooking as a mom but I don´t have time to cook so I discard it and was planning to go to a library to find a book to read. But, my sweet little son had other plans… on his “story time” he passed me a book that I have not opened for him:


I thought it was a children´s book but, to my surprise, it was actually for adults and perfect for my current situation, having troubles to move him to his room. I simplified it for you to read, with “my point of view” of the stages I have already lived with my baby…

CUQUIN… up to 9 months…


From my point of view:At this stage I did put on some classical music to him and, I do not know if because of that, he still enjoys it. I also like classical music, so that probably have to do… Also, I remember that whenever I used to talk to my baby when he was still in my belly, he responded with a kick, specially at night when I sang to him. He stills like that (now he is almost 3 years).

COLITAS… from 9 to 18 months…


From my point of view: I did let him crawl everywhere. I also let him barefoot at all times… This might have helped him because he walked at 1 year 1 week. He stills sleeping with me, that is why I read the book, because I need some advice on how to move on from that stage…

PELUSIN… between 18 months and 3 years…


From my point of view:

My baby loves drawing with me but, if I let him draw on his own, he starts with walls and things he is supposed not to. I do not punish him… that actually makes me laugh… but after laughing in secret, I ask him not to do that… now, every time he asks me “not here mummy?” and I just smile and say “no, baby”. They do understand, you do not need to be tough…

The toys stuff also Works. What also Works for me and I want to share with you is that I have everything in boxes… the boxes for cars, the boxes for LEGO, the boxes for mixed toys and for big toys… I let him open just one box at the time, and if he wants another box, I ask him to put everything back inside to give him a new one. He understands perfectly. Two weeks ago, he said “I am tired mom” when it was time to sleep and after I asked him to put everything back inside. I started to scream a bit and then   I sat on my haunches to be at his level and said to him “if you do not put everything back inside, I will do, but you will not be able to play for a week”. He did not care, I assumed he did not understand but carry on with the “punishment”. The next day he asked me for his box and I said “No, yesterday you did not put everything back inside and I told you that you would not play for a week”. He cried a bit, and then went to play with a little toy that was on his bed. And so on for a week, he asked for his box and I explained. When the week passed and he asked I asked him “would you put it back?”, he said “yes” and he did. Once more, not because they are tiny humans mean they do not understand. They do, but you have to be clear and consistent.

MARIPI… from 3 to 4 years…


From my point of view:

I think Story Time could be earlier, I started to set “story time” when he was 2 years old, and he loves it! If I say “time to sleep” at he says “no” with an angry face but if I say “story time”, even when he already knows I am going to turn off the lights and knock him to bed, he says “yes, paddington” or “yes, cars”, his two favourite books. It is a good habit… and, if he is more interested on playing toys, then I will open and start to read my book so he will say “now, me”.

TETÉ… from 5 to 6 years…


CLEO… form 6 to 7 years…


As you noticed, I do not have an opinion on the last two stages, since my baby is about to be 3 years old so I have no clue… that is why I read this book for Motherly May. There are some other things I learned from this book, some interesting facts I found are:

-breast milk has L-tryptophan, that is an amino acid that helps your baby to fall asleep

-since they are 9 months old, recognition of their achievements will strengthen their self-esteem

-tongue-twisters help to improve their diction

-our children need to feel safe, loved and respected to have a healthy growth

Link for the lovely images of the Telerin family:



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2019 book list : Local April

A few Christmas ago, as a present, someone gave me the book El Ultimo Mundo, from Laura Emilia Pacheco. I put it on the waiting list right away. I thought it was going to be just yellow press and I am so sorry I had that thought. I judge it wrong by its cover.

This reporter goes beyond just informing, she wants you to live the news. Wrote in first person, she makes you feel more than just reading a newspaper, you live what she writes, you are part of the story or history. Her writings inquire about the day-today, which for some is supernatural and vice versa… the supernatural, which for some is their day-to.day. A book read on three hot May afternoons with a fresh lavender with mint tea. Thanks Emilia, for this refreshing reading!

They are not the official titles given by the author, but to mention some of my favorite parts, paragraphs or phrases, I will divide them with titles:

La sabrosa


This mural in Calakmul is known as “la sabrosa” by its locals. La sabrosa´s translation would be “the tasty”, possibly because of the see-through dress. All those murals are also known as “las pinturas azules” (“the blue paintings”), which seems more adequate and respectful for me. Image taken from: https://www.letraslibres.com/mexico/viaje-al-corazon-calakmul

“el estuco, cargado de humedad, se siente terso, fresco, como la piel humana. Parece viva. En más de un sentido lo está. El tiempo no ha logrado envejecerla.”

“The stucco, loaded with moisture, feels smooth, fresh, like human skin. She seems alive. In more ways than one, she is. Time has not managed to age her. “

Calakmul left a scar

I loved the way in which, through the metaphor of a scar, the author explained that, when you travel, some places can leave a mark or trace… either physical or invisible but permanent to the soul…

“Mientras exista aunque sea la exigua luz de una vela, un cerillo, una sola estrella, las sombras pueden guiar a la claridad. Ahora, a medida que me alejo de Calakmul, a plena luz del día descubro una cicatriz en mi pierna derecha. Se ve como una constelación. Pero hace mucho que ya no tengo un buscador de estrellas. No sé si habrá algún instrumento que me ayude a descifrar el significado de esta extraña señal que me dejo la huella indeleble de Calakmul.”

“As long as there is even the meager light of a candle, a match or a single star; shadows can guide us to clarity. Now, as I move away from Calakmul, during daylight I discover a scar on my right leg. It looks like a constellation. But I do not have a star finder with me. I do not know if there will be an instrument that will help me decipher the meaning of this strange sign that left me the indelible mark of Calakmul. “

Two wives

In two different chapters, she talks about two wifes. One chapter, the wife´s story was during the earthquake in México in 1985. The other one, in an artisan community.

After mentioning the devastating results (political, social and economical) of the 1985 earthquake, the Laura Emilia gives the reader some sense of hope to new beginings in the middle of the storm, or, in this case, the earthquake…

“Una señora le suplicó a la trabajadora social que no le dijera a su marido que ella y sus tres hijas habían sobrevivido. Quería huir del maltrato y los golpes a que las sometía.”

“A lady begged the social worker not to tell her husband that she and her three daughters had survived. She wanted to run away from his abusive husband that used to hit the three of them”.

In the counterpart, an artisan waits for her husband, who went in search of a better life “crossing the pond” while she spends his days making clothes or necklaces. And this way her life is being woven …

Vintage Society vs Modern Society

In this chapter she just made me feel nostalgic, and confirmed me the fact that I should have been born in another era but keeping myself one important value: freedom. I would have definitely keep being a feminist, even in the roaring 30s…

“En el siglo XX se decía que el servicio postal, el teléfono, el telégrafo, la radio, la televisión y el periódico habían matado al género epistolar. Con el advenimiento de internet y del correo electrónico, se transformóó para siempre la velocidad con la que se íntercambian los mensajes y, claro está, también su contenido y la forma de las cartas que, en el siglo XXI, son casi todas virtuales. No es lo mismo recibir un e-mail y un attachment que una flor prensada, el fragmento de una vestimenta, una hoja de papel que evoca el sitio del que proviene y el aroma de su remitente. No es lo mismo presionar send que ponerle una estampillada a un sobre que intentará sortear todos los obstáculos a fin de llegar a manos de su destinatario. La fugacidad, el nerviosismo y la premura actuales ya no saben esperar al placer ni al amor.

Gracias al clic de un ratón, el mundo se ha reducido al tamaño de una cabeza de alfiler. Sin embargo, es curioso que mientras más herramientas tenemos para comunicarnos, menos nos conocemos; más espesos se vuelven los muros que nos rodean, más agudas las diferencias, más violentas las reacciones para afirmar la individualidad.”

“In the twentieth century it was said that the postal service, the telephone, the telegraph, the radio, the television and the newspaper had killed the epistolary genre. With the arrival of internet and e-mail, the speed in which messages are interchanged has been transformed forever, and of course, its content too. In the 21st century, letters are almost all virtual. It is not the same to receive an e-mail and an attachment as a pressed flower, the fragment of a dress, a sheet of paper that evokes the site from which it comes and the aroma of its sender. It is not the same to press send, as to put a stamp on an envelope that will try to overcome all the obstacles in order to reach the hands of its recipient. The current fugacity, nervousness and haste of not knowing how to wait for pleasure or love.

Thanks to the click of a mouse, the world has been reduced to the size of a pinhead. However, it is curious that the more tools we have to communicate, the less we know each other; the thicker the walls that surround us become, the more acute the differences, the more violent the reactions to affirm individuality. “


She gaves us another life metaphor about her trip to Scotland…

“… alcancé a ver lo que me parecieron dos jorobas en el agua y una estela en medio del lago. Estoy segura. Había algo allí. Traté de llamar la atención de madre e hijo, pero todo ocurrió con la velocidad con la que se ve una estrella fugaz en el firmamento. En un instante está y al siguiente desaparece. Entendí entonces que, tal vez, la felicidad nos pasa por enfrente, pero estamos tan ocupados en lamentarnos de nuestras carencias que no la vemos. Me gustó saber que, sin importar el frío, el lago Ness no se congela jamás. Decidí seguir su ejemplo o, al menos, tratar…”

“… I got to see what I thought were two humps in the water in the middle of the lake. I’m sure. There was something there. I tried to draw the attention of mother and son, but everything happened with the speed in which you see a shooting star in the sky. In an instant it is and the next, it disappears. I understood then that, maybe, happiness passes us by too, but we are so busy complaining about our shortcomings that we do not see it. I liked knowing that, no matter how cold, Loch Ness never freezes. I decided to follow his example or, at least, try …”

El Excélsior

And finally, she left her last pages to describe how she visited the “Excelsior” building. His father wrote for that newspaper. I can not describe how much I relished this pages, each word was so descriptive that she made you feel as if you were making her some company while she waited for her dad. She made me feel like asking for some “revolution” paper in order to ask the little girl version of the author to play with you with paper planes.

***** 5 stars*****

A book that I judged of half a star before reading it, and ended up being a 5 star worthy book. It can not be compared with something I have read before… I can only compare it with the movie “Roma” by Cuarón, because of her descriptions and the way she makes you a time traveler.

who should read it? Readers searching for something different, or for the lovers of the news, but its narrative seems boring and repetitive. For those who see magic in their day-to-day. For those who, like me, love their “México lindo y querido”.

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2019 book list : Movie March

For March I was supposed to read a book that has its movie and I chose a book given by my grandma few years ago: Maria by Jorge Isaac. I am about to finish it and can tell you that you can read 20 pages a night and they feel like five. It is an innocent love story, it reminded me one of my favorite books: Como agua para chocolate by Isabel Allende.  I can not believe this was given years ago and I have not read it yet because it is a gem!

What I liked about the book was the innocence in the romance. It remind me of my first love. My favorite character was not Maria, but the mom that was actually not the mom, she was a bit “alcahueta” and reminded me of my own… the word given for “alcahueta” is bawd but it is not what it means. Alcahueta is someone who helps with a love story between two other persons. I also liked the descriptions, the local words used and then explained and how flowers were so much involved.

The thing I disliked a tiny bit is that the sort did not keep me guessing much… it felt like a Telenovela… I knew what was going to happen next but still, it make you keep turning the pages, which is good. The second thing I disliked is that I truly wanted to watch the 2012 movie by Fernando Allende, with María played by Doriely Domenech, but I have not being able to find it!!! Please do watch the trailer in youtube, it will make you feel like watching it too!


Stars given to this book: 4.5 out of 5 ❤

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Fashion Job Interview?

Hello! Again, me! I am glad to be consecutive this Wednesday… Hope I can be like this the rest of the year. This post will be short, but I am sure it will help you for your next Job Interview. I know, whenever we hear “job interview” our thoughts take us to a boring suit, but times change and if you work within the Fashion Environment, I truly think that the boring suit will not get you the job. Please comment below, which one is your favorite or not at all?

Outfit No. 1…


Inspiration vs reality…the statement is in the bag!!! let it be the accent, and your lips the colour!!! BTW that is my favorite bag ever, from KATE SPADE ❤


Outfit No. 2…


this is just merely inspiration that could be on POLYPORE, for those who still use it… Change the t-shirt fro a blouse, change the converse for a pair of stilettos and add a black blazer ❤


Outfit No. 3


inspiration board number 3… first of all, loose the shorts (never ever, not even if you live in LA) and add a pair of cigarette trousers (they could be the same shade or dark) once more the accent is in the accessories which are fab. Those Mary Janes are Manolo´s but I am sure there is something nice and not that expensive elsewhere. The bag is PARFOIS and it is perfection as well!

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Oops I did it again (month 8)

Good night!!!  So this a super short post to update you about my haircut (for those in doubt to cut it or not)… So it was month 8 after my haircut in march and I have realised it’s April. I know it sounds weird but this last couple of weeks time for me has been weird. Today, for example, I was telling everyone about the weekend as if it was already Thursday, so… I genuinely forgot to post, even when I had taken the pictures already… This is how my hair looks on month 8th after pixie… This time I have not taken any pills, I have just added coconut oil every now and then. The last time I cut my pixie, I really wanted it to grow fast because I had special events coming but this time I am not in a hurry so it’s growth has been natural and I have to say that pills do work!!! My hair is shorter than the last time when I posted 6 months so, I’d you want to grow it fast: omega 3 and vitamins for hair worked for me.
And here it’s me, this time on month eight…


something you should know: I absolutely dislike this phase, because it is not a bob, it is not a lob, it just feels weird. This phase, last time made me want to grow it as fast as possible, this time I am thinking if I should just cut it again or not… jajaja

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2019 book list : Friendly February

OMG! I can not believe I let pass so many Wednesdays. First of all, sorry, but I have been really busy past March and on my list of priorities, I had to postpone reading so I really have nothing to write about. So, I have news for you: first of all, I have almost finished reading BECOMING by Michelle Obama  that was a friend suggestion. I must say it is a fantastic book until it starts talking about politics on page 280 or so… but then when you pass all those pages and arrive to the 350 it is fast reading again because she talks about being the first lady and all the experiences she had. She is so descriptive that it made me feel that it was me who met her majesty the queen Elizabeth II. I am not saying that politics are boring, but if you are not interested, then it will be hard to read. My second news is that I finally have my Instagram account, which is karenina_mit . I have not post anything yet but I hope it makes you travel in time with me…

Back to the book…


She starts with her story… with descriptions of her church, her piano lessons and her family in general. She transmits so much about this phase of her life that it remind me of my own memories. The character I recall more is Dandy, her grandfather, but not in a good way but because he was like grumpy… frustrated because he could not accomplish as much as he would have liked because there were a lot of barriers for black people in the era he lived. And still, but there are less, a lot less. He could have been happier if he had felt accomplished through his five smart kids, but he did not feel their goals as his own…

While she was studying in the Whitney Young, she learned that she could be something else. A teacher almost laugh at her when she told her she wanted to go to Princeton, trying to lower her expectation. That, just make her feel like saying “you will get to know” (what Michelle could be capable of). So instead of lowing her expectations she felt empowered. I love this scene in my mind because I have lived a similar myself plenty of times. But it is their problem, not yours. It is their problem thinking low of you or dreaming small. I truly think that if you dream big, even if you take tiny steps to reach it, at least you are walking, and that is the whole point… most people do not walk because they are afraid about the next step… come on! move! you are not a tree!!!

After Princeton, she did Harvard and then she worked in a lawyer firm named Sidley & Austin, in Chicago, where she met Obama. Then they got married, have kids and the rest of the story you know it…

I have not finished the book, I am in page 398… a little bit more than a 100 to go… I have to hurry because I am missing my MARCH and APRIL books. I do not want to write too much about it because it is a book you have to read. How she dealt with her marriage, with becoming the first black first lady of the United States, how she dealt with trying to live a normal family life at the same time, how she met different personalities through this phase of her life without losing herself. She was constantly reminding herself that she was just another human, like everyone else.



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